What is a Microbrand Watch Company?

What is a Microbrand Watch Company

Watches are considered a sign of stature. An expensive or limited edition watch can involuntarily improve the overall perception of a person’s reputation. Companies like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega have followed the strategy of producing “low quantity, high quality” collectible watches that serve, partly as the working foundation of a Microbrand. So what is a microbrand watch company?

A microbrand watch company is a boutique watch store that specializes in producing specific watch designs in limited stocks. These are the watch brands that cut the cost while they were still in the production stage so that they can curate efficient yet affordable pieces. Hence, that becomes the reason you will find a ton of pieces that not only keep you in trend but are also worth your time & money.

Sounds interesting right?

The Internet is opening doors to new opportunities, and this industry is yet another diamond you might have missed. Fret not, here you go with a guide to understanding how this industry works and how this watch industry is becoming an addition to everyone’s cart.

A microbrand watch company is run by a sole proprietor or a team of few people, which again works as a cost-cutting factor in the whole production process. Furthermore, these companies are bootstrapped or funded through crowdfunding. But, how does it differ from the watchmaking giants like Rolex or TAG?

Microbrands vs. Established Brands

Everyone is aware of the fact that established brands hold their fan base. But somewhere down the line, production of the products in bulk leads to further ignorance, defects, or huge maintenance expenses. On the contrary, a “boutique” or a microbrand watch store works under the following idea map –

  • They focus on quality over quantity.
  • They focus on the production of unique designs with limited stocks.
  • They create a variety of options that cater to your requirements as well as are light on the pocket.
  • They focus on building trustworthy business relationships with their customers.
  • They focus on creating collectibles out of their designs.
  • They focus on being more approachable to their customers.

Watches are no exception when it comes to adding a hint of class to your persona. Hence, the majority of people take pleasure in defining themselves through established brands and the heavy price tag that comes with them. But, why should only the top 1% have all the fun?

Are Microbrands worth it?

If they are well known among the watch enthusiast community, then yes, they are worth it. Identifying the microbrand that ends up meeting all your expectations is an essential clause you have to keep in mind while exploring. To understand better, here are a few points that can make identifying the quality product a child’s play for you –

  • Look for the labels first. It is a well-known fact that most of the quality movements are being processed through Swiss.
  • Understand the manufacturing process, materials used, and the art form before the purchase.
  • Thorough research about the company or designer will help you out in the long run.
  • Watch out for the durability and quality of the material, for example, you can start by checking the straps. 
  • Straps are the ones that most of the time become the significant reason people look out for replacement. Brownie points if you are getting an extra strap with the product, as it multiplies the longevity.
  • Check out what the watch community has to say, use the power of digital media and go through the reviews and guides that are available.


Watch microbrands are no doubt bringing back the era where people valued craftsmanship and creativity over status or money. However, you still have to watch out before you dive into this type of marketplace. Although Microbrand watches are hard to find, it’s not so difficult for watch enthusiasts all over the world. The major benefit of considering a microbrand for watches is that a plethora of new designs and pure craftsmanship can be discovered from independent designers. What you consider worthy is primarily up to what you value more in a watch!

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